Artlantis Media & Shaders Credit Voucher

Artlantis Media & Shaders Credit Voucher
Este producto le sirve para comprar créditos para ser usados en la aplicación Artlantis Shaders y Media, directo de Avbent Artlantis Media Store. This item is for purchase of credit vouchers to be used for in application purchase of Artlantis Shaders & Media directly in the Artlantis 5 inApp Artlantis Media Store. With the release of Artlantis version 5 you can now purchase and immediately use Shaders & Media direct from within the Artlantis! To do so you will need to purchase a Credit Voucher that can be applied to these purchases. When you do we will send along a serial code that you can enter in the Media Store that will unlock your ability to purchase Shaders & Media. This is a great change for our users-no longer do you need to purchase whole libraries to get the one item you need! There is a large amount of free media on the store and most of the others only cost 1 or 2 credits. Want to see some examples of items available on the Artlantis Media Store and credit cost? Click here to download the Artlantis Media Guide Shaders & Media are available for both Abvent's Artlantis Render & Artlantis Studio.
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